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Posted By: GUEST,jonesey
07-Nov-01 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: All-time favourite guitar lick
Subject: RE: All-time favourite guitar lick
Besides the intro to J.B. Goode the 'only' licks still recognized worldwide are both from '64. The intro to the Temptin' Temptations' 'My Girl' and Roy Orbison's 'Oh, Pretty Woman'. No matter where you are or what kind of gig you're playing you break into either one of those licks and everybody in the room knows the song. The My Girl lick was played by a Motown session guy whose name escapes me, but I did read an interview w/him once and he said he always hated that lick. Said it was out of tune and corny, but Berry Gordy didn't want to do a retake so they left it as is. He's right, it is slightly out of tune, but who cares? The Pretty Woman lick was played by Bobby Goldsboro on 12 string. Speaking of 12 str. how about Eric Darling's lick on 'Walk Right In'? Hard to argue with any of the other choices, however. This is a killer thread...kudos