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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
06-Nov-01 - 09:25 AM
Thread Name: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Subject: Mudcatter CD's - Barbara Shaw
My band "ShoreGrass" recently self-produced our VERY FIRST CD entitled "In Connecticut." The CD is available for $15 through me by sending me a PM or note to We do a mix of bluegrass /folk /traditional /original songs, with guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin and fiddle. Here's the song list with brief liner notes:

1. Six Wild Roses (Norman Schell) 2:51 Norman was a bandmate of Frank's in the 70's folk/rock group "Clean Living." We wonder if he recognizes the song since we put the grass to it.

2. Lonely Tombs (Traditional) 3:40 We first heard this on a Hobart Smith album recommended by Sandy Paton, and thought we had come up with a fresh new arrangement. Then someone told us this is just how Ralph did it. But only Paul can sing this high.

3. Connecticut Waltz (Barbara Shaw) 2:41 We sat around many a jam playing the Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and other state waltzes. After looking and not finding one for Connecticut, Barbara wrote this for her home state. Lyrics still need to be de-corned.

4. Man in the Middle (Tom Harley Campbell) 2:38 We've heard this in G major, and liked a slightly minor slant to it. It's also known as Three Men on a Mountain.

5. One More Miner (Barbara Shaw) 2:23 This is a (mostly) true story about Barbara's grandfather, who died when her father was 10. There were miners out West, too.

6. Last Old Shovel (Traditional) 3:00 The guys at Hank's Garage always request "that shovel song," so we had to include this.

7. Against the Tide (Barbara Shaw) 4:27 Our friend Tex asked if there were any songs in minor keys in bluegrass. In response, Barbara set out to write a bluegrass gospel tune in a minor key. It turned out to be not bluegrass, probably not gospel, but it's definitely minor.

8. Jordan (Traditional) 2:10 Louis makes his singing cameo on this old gospel number.

9. Sing Away the Sorries (Barbara Shaw) 2:35 The guys in Clean Living had a reunion once and surprised everyone by doing this on stage. Since we didn't record that evening, we included this one.

10. Keep on the Sunnyside (Traditional) 2:48 Just about every jam includes this at least once. The Carters inspire much of our music.

11. A Waltz For You (Frank & Barbara Shaw) 2:11 Frank originally wrote the first verse of this song to Barbara. She collaborated and wrote the second verse by paraphrasing a stanza from Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard." Larry's classical training got us through the modulations.

12. Cajun Rock (Norman Schell) 3:14 Norman lived this song.

13. Old Man at the Mill (Traditional) 2:16 Bluegrassers know this as an old Dillard's tune, and folkies know it as "The Jolly Miller."

14. I Can't Go Home (Barbara Shaw) 3:37 This was written after the hardware store closed in the town of Branford. It reflects the bluegrass festival lifestyle, rolling down the road in a camper.

15. Tear My Stillhouse Down (Gillian Welch) 3:22 Gillian went to Berklee, where Jonathan is a student, so we like to support the place and it's graduates. Easy to do with such a great song.