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Posted By: Dr John
14-Feb-99 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: Where are all the black country songs?
Subject: RE: Where are all the black country songs?
1. Black Country songs. Jon Raven recorded several albums of Black Country songs in the seventies, mostly on his Broadside Label but unfortunately most of these are no longer available but can be obtained from second hand sources (try Rockinworld) but probably at a fairly high price. He says he may consider rereleasing them on CD in the future. With his brother Mike and Derek Craft he formed the "Black Country Three" which I think made one LP and one EP. The LP is still available on cassette from Mike Raven, Yew Tree Cottage, Jug Bank, Ashley, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 4NJ England. He has a catalogue of other material too. He loves to hear from people who are interested in his music: he's a first rate guitarist and a good friend of Nic Jones. 2. Black county songs. An interesting subject. What is actually meant by "country" songs? If it's sort of folk music I'd be interested to hear opinions of the cross over between Black and White music. I suspect there is more than is generally thought. We think of Black music as mainly (but not entirely - witness Lead Belly) as the Blues possibly because other forms were not recorded (wouldn't sell?) but there is an awful lot of previously unknown White blues which is now coming to light via the Document label. A P Carter was accompanied by a Black musician when he collected his material. Perhaps this gives folk music USA its richness which other musics don't seem to have.