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Posted By: david d.
10-Feb-99 - 01:16 AM
Thread Name: Where are all the black country songs?
Subject: RE: Where are all the black country songs?
There seems to be a lot of confusion about the question - whether we're talking about songs from the Black Country or country songs written by blacks. A couple of the above even took it to mean songs by black singers. I don't know what the real intent of the question was, but I thought I'd add this as food for thought. There are hundreds of "black country" songs, if you take it to mean songs written by black men and performed in the country idiom. Witness: about half of what Jerry Lee Lewis has done over the years; Elvis (essentially a country singer who went mainstream as a 'rockabilly-turned-rock'n'roller') had some of his biggest hits with tunes penned by black men (That's All Right, Mama by Arther "Big Boy" Crudup springs to mind); Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie and a host of others did "white blues" as a sub-field of country music, with many of the songs from the likes of Leadbelly, Bo Carter and others. And then, just to confuse matters a little more, what about Ray Charles, who did at least one whole album of country, plus random cuts on a lot of others?