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Posted By: red flag
13-Oct-01 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Subject: RE: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Thatcher is a still a dictor, and those who think that she was great, try telling that to the millions of people that were made reduntant by her and her party. I understand that cllr has a nice wee job, I would really love it if they came up here in Scotland were we have only 1 Tory MP, which just goes to show how much the Tories are liked here in Scotland. Unlike those from the South east of England, the Tory heartland. I mean if you came up here to Scotand and said that you were proud to be a tory then I bet you wouldn't stand a chance of getting out of Scotland alive.

As for saying that Thatcher should die, I just wish she would. I meand thanks to your party, the industry here in Scotland is very low. I think that cllr should take off the rose coloured glasses and take a look at the real that Thatcher and her greedy pals created.