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Posted By: Scotland the brave
08-Oct-01 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Subject: RE: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
magaret thatcher, as I said she's just a mad old cow, who should be really locked up for her and our sakes.

And anyone who could admire that old bitch must be a tory in disguise. I just wish that the old bitch would just crawl under a stone and die. Or do like one of heroes Hitler, just put a gun to her head and shoot herself, I mean what she did to Scotland was terrible, and her pals in the Labour party, that helped her by doing nothing. They just sat back and let her run riot here in Scotland, and yet there are still people here in Scotland thinks that she's great. I really can't understand why Scots can vote for the Tories or New Labour or even the Liberals because all they care about is what happens in Westminster and not in Scotland. I don't know how they could make that old bitch (Sorry to old bitches everywhere) a barnoness. To be one you would need to be human and she's not and never will be. I agree that she stuck to her ideas and all that sort of thing, but to ruin Scotland and Wales and also start a war just so that she could remain prime minster is beyond a joke. So one final word I just wish would hurry up and die.