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Posted By: Gareth
06-Oct-01 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Subject: RE: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Sapper -

My politics are somewhat left of center - but, like you, it infuriates me to hear the mantra, that that ***** set up the Falklands War to gain electorial sympathy.

260 plus UK servicemen may have died to save her face ( and many more Argentinian conscripts) but that particular crime can not be layed to the cow.

Foe what it's worth I suspect that the Falklands war may well have saved the British Labour Party from complete electorial breakdown.

As stories go, this one is worth telling. At the time of the war I was at a routine meeting in East Kent, held in the Miners Institute in Aylesham (nr Dover). Business in the smokey back room had finished and I was enjoying a pint or so before cycling back to Whitstable.

One of our lunatic fringe started sounding off to say that the whole thing was a capitalist war etc. Sure enough the stupid sod was picked up by half a dozen colliers (not Thatcher sympathisers) and projected out of the bar horizontally - to general applause.

Nobody can pretend that that war was to protect democracy in the Falklands, or in Argentina - but I suspect that it was a case of the Government making all the right decisions for all the wrong reasons.