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Posted By: alanabit
05-Oct-01 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Subject: RE: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
I am sure if we float the question, Paul, that some other Mudcatter will refresh our memories. From what I recall, the Belgrano was a large, but rather old ship which the Argentines purchased after it had become surplus to the US navy's requirements. It was mainly used for training recruits. (That is if my admittedly fallible memory serves me well!) Its wake may have endangered any passing canoeists, but up against practically any Royal Navy vessel which was present at the time - let alone HMS Conqueror, it represented about as much threat to our ships as a canary would to any self respecting cat. I am going to go along with Joe, McGrath and Eric, because I think they are all seeing the world from a similar standpoint to myself. I can appreciate what John Freeman is driving at, but I have to ask myself if he has bought into the newspapers reading of seventies Britain. I was a NUPE shop steward in the seventies when a Labour government full of honest triers - David Ennals, Jim Callaghan, Hattersley and Dennis Healey et al were trying to battle a cash strapped government through a hung Parliament at a time of world recession and OPEC induced inflation. They borrowed money from the IMF and the Shit of Persia. Effectively, the IMF ordered them to operate policies which may well have seemed too severe for the previous government (three day week etc....) Before Thatcher came to power, 84% of the wealth of our country was in the hands of 7% of the population. Margeret Thatcher proclaimed that this was not enough. If you think that her redistribution of wealth was a by product of her policies, just read her speeches - and those of Keith Joseph - before the election. Labour were then in the position of presiding over Conservative economic policies at a time when inflation was effectively cutting living standards of its own supporters still further. As an ancilliary worker in an NHS hospital I was on a basic wage of twenty pounds eighty pence per week. (Sorry - there's no pound sign - I'm using a German computer). Guess why I joined NUPE and took part in limited industrial action. Yes, things were bad in the seventies, but there were certain features of British life which only emerged later on. I do not recall seing large numbers of young beggars on the street. I do not recall race riots. I do not recall seeing abandoned council housing estates at the same time that large numbers of people were homeless. For me John, the only thing Thatcher proved was yes, it was possible to make things worse.