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Posted By: mooman
05-Oct-01 - 08:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
Subject: RE: BS: Margaret Thatcher-any comments?
I disliked Mrs "Milk Snatcher" Thatcher (referring to the discontinuation of milk at school for young children when she was Education Secretary) well before she ever became leader.

I cannot think of anything she did which I could consider good for the UK.

Perhaps the very worst thing she did was to engender a atmosphere of "selfishness" and "self-interest" amongst a very large part of the population during her tenure which has been very hard to shake off since, either by John Major's government or Tony and his cronies.

I think Tony performed fairly well in his recent speeches but, like others have said he is definitely a "control freak" and rather intolerant of any left-wing views within the Labour party. I personally regret the loss of some of these "old labour" values. There was nothing wrong with many of these principles but, unfortunately, a number of rather extreme individuals gave "old labour" a very bad name back in the 70s and 80s which allowed Mrs Thatcher somewhat of a free rein.

She is well past her "sell by" date now and I believe she would serve us all better by keeping her more ridiculous and ill-considered views to herself.