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Posted By: Bert
04-Oct-01 - 10:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Double-dog Dare... a little break
Subject: RE: BS: Double-dog Dare... a little break
Dammit, now you've got me started...

Hiding under the desk at school when there was an air raid and it was the real thing, not a drill. Being evacuated, That long train journey into the unknown.

The wet concrete smell of an air raid shelter. Ours always used to fill with water and Dad used to soak his dartboard in it. So during an air raid we played under the dining table.
Ration books and sweet coupons. Buying cigarettes for the German prisoners of war. The German prisoners giving me my first taste of sweet black coffee when the guard let us sneak into the camp.
Queueing for groceries. Whale meat, dried milk, dried eggs. When you bought butter or cheese it was cut from a large block. Broken biscuits, Blue paper sugar bags. British Restaurants, Air Raid Wardens, Dad was one. We used his great coat as a blanket for years.

Home made toys, a wooden tommy gun and a wooden "Liberator". I remember this battleship my Granddad made it was all in pieces and had to be assembled. There was a button on the side that triggered a mousetrap. You'd fire marbles at it and if you hit the button the whole thing would explode and you'd put it all back together again.
Dad gave away all our toys to less fortunate kids.

Gramophones, Vera Lynn (When I was three I was going to marry her) and Gracie Fields. "Monday Night at Eight", I don't remember what it was about but I loved the name.