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Posted By: catspaw
30-Jan-99 - 08:03 PM
Thread Name: Can kids sing harmony?
Subject: RE: Can kids sing harmony?
First, let me state without question that I am a gawdawful singer...doesn't stop me, but I'm truly lousy. I've been singing harmony parts (often badly, but I sing the melody badly too) since I was old enough to sing in church. My Mom had a strong alto voice (quite good) and from about age 5 or so I just naturally sang what she did. As I got older the parts changed, but I think when you grow up "hearing" thoses harmonies all the time, it becomes natural to think in those terms too. We sang at home, in the car, at church, and lastly at school. I'm now 50 and harmonies are just somehow there. It has to do with exposure and experience. But...can kids sing harmony ...certainly! How do they learn....HMMMM... If you can get some strong voiced adult help on each part it might be useful. One of the biggest problems I have getting anyone to sing harmony (or sometimes sing at all) is not wanting to sound out for fear of "mistakes" or embarassment. A stong voice around will help.catspaw