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Posted By: Don Firth
25-Sep-01 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: What is your favourite acoustic guitar?
Subject: RE: What is your favourite acoustic guitar?
I have four guitars:

The one I've used the most within recent years is a Japanese-made classic with a label that states it was imported and approved by José Oribé. As was the fashion thirty years ago among Japanese-made classics, it looks exactly like a José Ramirez. Marvelously enough, it sounds almost as good as a concert Ramirez and lots of people have mistaken it for one. I've had a chance to compare my copy alongside a couple of the genuine articles, and for about one-tenth of the price, I'm pretty darned happy with it.

The flagship of the fleet is an Arcangel Fernandez Flamenco guitar made to order for me in 1961. I ordered from here and waited a year and a half for it to be made and shipped from Madrid. The label is signed "Arcangel" and is numbered 135. It has a wide range of dynamics and tonal qualities. You can mellow it out and play classic on it, it's great for all kinds of song accompaniment including finger-picking, and with Flamenco, it really snarls and roars (it definitely speaks Spanish). Lots of bite, with volume and projection to spare. It was ridiculously inexpensive in 1961 (about $175, including duty and air freight), but recently I've learned what it's worth now. If you can find one of this vintage in good condition, it will go from $12,000 to $18,000!! I'm afraid to take it out of the house!

I also have a classic made by one of Fernandez' apprentices. Good guitar, but the wood was not choice and the back has cracked in three places. Needs repair to be playable. No idea what it's worth.

The new addition to the family actually merits the thread of it's very own. It's a nylon-string Go guitar, made by Sam Radding in San Diego. Sam Radding used to be associated with Taylor, and now he's making travel guitars. For my money, this little canoe-paddle has other travel guitars backed clear off the map. Not as much volume and depth as a full-size guitar, of course, but still, this little sucker has a warm, mellow tone, and it sounds like a real guitar! I play it a lot, and I love it! Take a look.

Don Firth