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Posted By: Cara
26-Jan-99 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat's Future
Subject: RE: Mudcat's Future
Let me see if I can bring together some of the issues I've seen in the past week or so reading threads. First, you all are right to worry about a growing influx of pop-type requests with the shutdown of the International Lyrics server. And I can see that that could be a problem-what are we to say to people who post requests here that used to be referred to the IL server? It seems a shame to turn people away without what they are looking for (especially if someone here knows the answer!), but more of a shame to potentially compromise this forum. However, as a relative newcomer who is constantly scrambling for something fascinating to say instead of just lurking in the shadows and, let's face it, eavesdropping, I think it's great when the threads expand and wander to a point where I can say something. Case in point: the recent "nine hundred miles" thread where I pointed out that Nirvana, of Seattle grunge fame, also did a version of "In the Pines" (same as Leadbelly's, so I learned). There's a folk song most of us young whippersnappers know, but I didn't know it was folk. And, o purists, it really wasn't so far off the track after all. Right? I came here armed with one folkie parent and many, many songs heard and loved in Americanized Irish pubs here in DC. Now I have a lot more knowledge, a lot less productivity at work :), and I just ordered Rise Up Singing. I think that the controls already in place--namely not being of interest to people who don't really enjoy this type of music--will serve us well. Viva Mudcat!