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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
24-Sep-01 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: What is your favourite acoustic guitar?
Subject: RE: What is your favourite acoustic guitar?
My favorite is my 1975 S.L. Mossman "Tennessee Flat Top." I've owned a couple of Gibsons, had a fair Takamine cutaway when I first played with a group, but this Mossman. As Doc Watson said - It rings like a bell, articulates very nicely, and can be heard over a banjo or fiddle if pressed. The people I play with mostly play Martins of the D-18 variety. A couple of pretty nice old Gibsons in the crew also but this Mossman will hold its own against any of them. I love the wide thick neck - I have very large hands - and it frets very nicely. I had electronics put in the bridge and have used them a time or two but straight up it is a very fine instrument.

I have also owned it since it was brand new - I played the first notes on her and only a couple of other hands have held her. My Tennessee has outlasted two wives (living well with my third), several drunken bar room brawls, was packed on a mule for nearly a year, lived through a fairly hideous car wreck that put my banjo picker in surgery and left me picking glass out of the back of my head, always tunes up well and holds the tune till the strings quit.

I've abused the instrument, dropped the hot ash off of several joints on the side (ah memories of an incredibly well misspent youth), played it too loudly, knocked a jerk out with the pointy end of the headstock one night in a rowdy bar, but it just keeps on playing.

I've fantasized about getting a higher end Mossman but most likely wouldn't play it - I Love this guitar. Next to my wife I'm not sure who is the best friend - only who's been with me the longest.

Peace - Steve