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Posted By: Midchuck
23-Sep-01 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: What is your favourite acoustic guitar?
Subject: RE: What is your favourite acoustic guitar?
At the moment, It's a close call between the Collings D2H I bought from Jack Lawrence when he put it up for sale on the flatpick list, after he got his Merrill and pretty much stopped playing the Collings(If you should acquire the Sevastapol video, "Doc and Dawg," on which Jack plays with Dr. Watson and Mr. Grisman, you can see and hear that guitar. But it doesn't sound like that any more.)and my new Martin 000-15S. The Collings has the best sound of anything I've ever owned. But I think the 12-fret slothead 000 size is possibly the ideal size and shape for a steel-string, flattop acoustic, in terms of getting the most, and fullest, sound out of a body of a convenient size. And the 000-15S is probably the best guitar for the money that I've ever had.

It occurred to me that a 12-fret slothead 000 made by Collings should theoretically come as close as possible to the ideal guitar. Then I was in Brattleboro and got to play a 000-2H at Maple Leaf Music and found out my theory was right. Damn. Now I'm in love again and the money's gone.

More gigs!