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Posted By: catspaw49
20-Jan-99 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat's Future
Subject: RE: Mudcat's Future
Yes Bill, you're a "purist" my short time I've seen that. Yes, a worrier and an ombudsman. But have you ever known a really happy, big family that didn't have one as a member? It's kinda' your "job" here. Then there are the "Hail and good cheer , come one, come all" members in a family too... and lots of jobs in the middle. The result is a natural occuring check and balance system that works as long as there is mutual respect. Maybe that's what I find so likable kindly point it respect. And I've noticed that when one member goes across the "courtesy" line, someone else will

I'm no longer offended by anything in this life...except in the way we all treat each other. Mudcat is different and we can have lots of viewpoints on tons of issues and topics. We can promote divergent opinions. But this isn't a place where anybody hurts another. Thanks to you and other old timers here, it must have begun that way. It is that way now and, as long as we can have this type of discourse, the future is secure.catspaw