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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
18-Jan-99 - 06:36 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat's Future
Subject: RE: Mudcat's Future
I recall a thread, I'm not going to trouble myself to look it up, where I suggested a means of shunting off people who were looking for lyrics to pop songs. Max (that silly little "wet behind the ears punk") made it clear he wanted to keep this forum as inclusive as possible. Well, wouldn'cha' know it, he was right. It may well be necessary in the future to split up the forum into different categories just to keep it managable, after all, who can deal with 100 posts per day on a subject you're interested in? But I'm not going to worry too much. Max is a pretty competant fellow. Fairly rational even. Tactical suggestions as to how to handle the flow could well be useful, but enjoy the irony...according to our age survey, us middle age lumps can let a "slacker" do all the work for us!!!!

Frank i.t.s.