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Posted By: Sandy Paton
18-Jan-99 - 12:52 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat's Future
Subject: RE: Mudcat's Future
I guess I'm one of the new arrivals that are still adding comments here and there with great enthusiasm, and are probably adding to the length of time it takes to download a thread. Perhaps the excitement of finding the site takes some time to wear off. I hope you oldtime "Catters" will bear with us until we settle down to making comments only where we really have something to contribute.

I'm here, I think, partly because I feel that I've found the community I've been looking for and missing for a long damned time. It's a relief to refer to Bronson or Sharp or Creighton or Fowke and have people understand the reference. It's also a joy to discover so many people who share a concern for others' feelings and interests, who are willing to put up with the naive beginner, and who can help us tyros over the technical barriers we encounter.

You may find us troublesome for awhile, but, please be patient. We'll calm down eventually, I assume. No one could be more dedicated to traditional music than LaMarca (and George), and I note that you are wondering where she is. Learning great new songs, I'm sure, and getting ready to present their "songs from down under" program at NEFFA this year. So even such as these have to slack off after a bit. Too bad, though. I've gone back and read some of LaMarca's contributions, and I'd love to see more of them.