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Posted By: Dicho (Frank Staplin)
06-Sep-01 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Subject: RE: Origins of: History of Go Tell Aunt Rhody
There seem to have been two interviews. In Kat's narrative , where the dashed line occurs, is the end of p. 2 of the Lib. Congress typescript and page 3 is missing. To make the record complete, here it is: "I seed lots of ghosties when I's young. I couldn' sleep for them. I's kind of outgrowed them now. But one time me and my younges' chile was comin' over to church and right near toe dippin' vat is two big gates and when we get to them, out come a big old white ox, with long legs and horns and when he git 'bout halfway, he turns into a man with a Panama hat on. He follers us to Sandy Creek bridge. Sometimes at night I sees that same spirit sittin' on that bridge now. My old man say, in slavery time, when he's 21, he had to pass a place where patterroles whipped slaves and had kilt some. He was sittin' on a load of fodder and there come a big light wavin' down the road and scarin' the team and the hosses drag him and near kilt him. *****. The discussion after the dashed line and the rest of the narrative does not appear in the Library of Congress version. The page numbering and typescript headings are continuous in the Lib. Congress typescript so there has to be another interview, parts are not just left out. Kat, thanks for inserting the complete story. It gives proof to Aunt Nancy-Rhoda-Tabby being as least as old as the Civil War, and not as recent as 1925 which is the date in the Fresno listing. And IanC, I never doubted you.