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Posted By: Don Meixner
16-Jan-99 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: The Bob Dylan Mystique
Subject: RE: The Bob Dylan Mystique
I think there are many great singers who have not so great voices. Its more in what you have to sing than what you have to sing with I guess. Arlo Guthrie has a less than fabulous voice but he uses it well. You can understand what he has to say. The great Ronnie Drew's voice is something to behold. Iris Dement has a voice my likens to velcro. As poor as these voices are tonally, they are clear and understandable. Dylan's is not. Nashville Skyline being the only exception of which I am aware. This prooves he can sing well, he just doesn't it would seem. John, I would like to say there was a pun in incitefull and I was typing with my tongue in cheek. Saddly, there isn't. I just wasn't paying attention. And if Mick wants to call me Dan, thats fine too. I enjoy this type of debate too much to split any but the really big hairs. I recall an interview with Dylan where he was asked about his poetry. He said in escence, " I don't write poetry. I just stick words to gether that sound good. If there is any meaning in my songs, you put it there, not me." Clearly this isn't true with all his songs. It takes more than middling skill to come up with " Just Like A Woman" or "Hard Rain" but The jury must still be out on "Leopardskin Pillbox Hat". I still maintain that equall or greater skill was to be heard in Ewan Macoll, Phil Ochs, Ian Tyson, Tom Paxton, Pat Sky, Will Mclean, or even the equally mumbbly, Gordon Lightfoot. Regards to all

Don, or is it Dan, Meixner