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Posted By: Joe Offer
05-Sep-01 - 06:09 PM
Thread Name: Jean Ritchie Books & Recordings
Subject: Index: Newport Folk Festival Songbook
In another thread, WYSIWYG said she got a copy of this book at a bargain price. I'm jealous. The book is no longer in print. Here are WYSIWYG's message, and Jean's response.
-Joe Offer-
This gem was sitting in a rack in a tiny music shop we found once on vacation, with the original price of $2.95 still good. In fact, they had a pile of stuff from the late mid and 60's, all with original prices. Not only did they honor the process without our even asking, they gave us a further discount because we bought them all! They just didn't know what they had.

Here is the Table of Contents. I can't find a copyright DATE, but the copy inside indicates mid-60's. And I dunno if these were the "most popular." But they WERE sung in that time, and the artists listed should give you a clue how to find more of the work of that period.

In all cases below, the item is listed acording to who performed it-- who is not necessarily the author.



Edited by Jean Ritchie, foreword by Pete Seeger (Alfred Music Co., Inc.)

Ain't Nothin' for a Poor Boy, Frank Proffitt
Almost Done, Alan Lomax
Anna Feher (Anathea), Judy Collins
Barb'ry Ellen, Jean Ritchie
Beryuzoviye Kalyechke, Theodore Bikel
Blackleg Miner, Bob Davenport
Cherry Ball Blues, Skip James
Chickens Grow Tall, Glenn Ohrlin
Deep River Blues, Doc Watson
Down the Road, Greenbriar Boys
Drums, Peter La Farge
Freight Train, Elizabeth Cotton
Genesis, Ron Eliran
God Bless the Grass, Malvina Reynolds
Grieve, Oh Grieve, Sam Hinton
I Am a Girl of Constant Sorrow, Sarah Gunning
I'm Bound to Ride, Stanley Brothers
Jack Hagerty, Bill Thatcher
Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy, Mac Wiseman
Johnny Cuckoo, Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers
Keep On Keepin' On, Len Chandler
Kerry Recruit, Luke Kelly
Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie, Jean Redpath
Last Mountain of Time, Phipps Family
Links on the Chain, Phil Ochs
Little Boy, Mike Settle
Mary Don't You Weep, Swan Silvertones
Merry Golden Tree, Almeda Riddle
Molly and TenBrooks, Bill Monroe
My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains, Clarence Ashley
My Ramblin' Boy, Tom Paxton
Oh, Death, Dock Boggs
Old Bald Eagle, Hindman Settlement School
Old Blue's Last Hunt, Paul Clayton
Old Crumley, Edna Ritchie
Pretty Little Miss, New Lost City Ramblers
Prodigal Son, Rev. Robert T. Wilkins
Rag Momma, Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band
Rocks and Gravel, Dave Van Ronk
Roll On, John, Ralph Rinzler
See God's Ark A-Movin!, Moving Star Hall Singers
Shhear Them Sheep Even, Joe Patterson
Snow White Shirt, Dewey Shepherd
Soldier, Soldier, Hobart Smith
Southbound Train, Koerner, Ray and Glover
Spike Driver Blues, Mississippi John Hurt
Statesboro Blues, John Hammond
Tennessee Flat Top Box, Johnny Cash
That's All Right, Guy Carawan
Two Soldiers, Mike Seeger
Universal Soldier, Buffy Sainte-Marie
Water is Wide, Clarence Cooper
Which Hat Shall I Wear?, Ronnie Gilbert
Why Adam Sinned, Paul Cadwell
Worried Man Blues, Pete Seeger
You Just Can't Make It by Yourself, Barbara Dane
Young Roddy M'Corley, Clancy Bros. and Tommy Makem

Response from Jean Ritchie:
Information: I was a Newport Folk Festival trustee during most of its run, and in the early sixties, I was asked by Alfred Music Publishing to do this book for them. Other Newport trustees agreed. I asked each performer who'd been a festival participant up to that time, to choose a favorite song that he/she had sung at the Festival. Each of them provided a photograph and a bio, or wrote about his/her life in letters to me (I still have the originals). The book had a short life, as it took the publishers a long time to issue it, had meantime moved their offices to California and the people interested in the Newport Festival had gone. That's life! I'm sure there were very few sold; I have only two of them in my library. Jean Ritchie