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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
05-Sep-01 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: Write an Email for Shambles? Part 2
Subject: RE: Write an Email for Shambles? Part 2
The most effective thing at present would be to find a council somewhere where there has been a formal policy decision to interpret the existing law in a way that is favourable to sessions.

Also to identify specific instances where sessions and other folk (or other) activities have been closed down because of pressure over PELs.

For lobbying writing to an MP is probably the most effective single thing to do, because they typically send the letter on to the department concerned, and they run around like headless chickens getting an answer together. Sending a copy of the letter to the MP to local press and to local council is a good idea too, with a note at the bottom indicating that you are doing this. This is a way of bringing it into public, and making it more likely that the MP will pull his or her finger out.

Every little helps. MPs who have had lobbying letters are more likely to sign an early day motion when it gets tabled by some sympathiser in the House of Commons.

The thing is, there's no real advantage to anyone in messing us about like this.

Oh, and people from outside Britain, especially Americans, the best single thing might be to write to the tourism section in Weymouth, or wherever, saying this is putting you off the idea of coming for a trip to Britain or Weymouth in particular. (It's not that Weymouth is uniquely bad, but at least with them you can be fairly sure now there are people there who have some understanding of the issue, and they are probably getting a little nervous. I would think there is a real possibility they could decide to actually push for a change in the law.)