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Posted By: IanC
03-Sep-01 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Subject: RE: Origins of: History of Go Tell Aunt Rhody

If you're looking for instances earlier than 1925, try this Texas Slave Narrative. Tempie Cummins, born before the US civil war (1860) describes whaty she did when she was a slave:

"I don' 'member none 'r' d' wuk songs. I tuk care 'r' d' little w'ite chillun an' uster sing dem t' sleep wid: 'Go tell Aunty Nancy, Go tell Aunt Nancy, Go tell Aunt Nancy, Her ol' gray goose is dead. D' one she was savin' D' one she was savin' D' one she was savin' T' mek a feather bed.' "Boss an' Mistus look atter d' slaves w'en dey was sick.

Should take you some way into the 19th Century. Then you'd have to ask yourself where she learned it from ...