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Posted By: wildlone
02-Sep-01 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: For all the Ancients
Subject: ADD: Dorset, My Dorset
This sums it all up for me

(Bonny Sartin/O'Meara)

Many years have rolled away since I was a child,
But I recall those happy days when we were free and wild.
With miles of meadows, fields and woods to wander in at will,
There were trees to climb and fish to catch down at the water mill.

Dorset, my Dorset, I sing this song lest I forget
How good it was when I was young and growing in Dorset.

We topped the larder up with food,nature would provide;
At weekends we would all turn out and scour the countryside.
There were hazels in the hedgerows,brown trout in the brook,
And strawberries in the woodland glades if you knew where to look.


At harvest time we stooked the corn,helped to build the stack,
Then scrumped for apples from his trees when the farmer turned his back.
The gamekeeper he was fair game for those with the poachers touch,
We trapped his birds and rabbits too,and thanked him very much.


The youngster of today I know,holds wonder in his hand,
Machines and modern miracles that we don't understand.
As I look back I know for sure that things were bound to change,
But I feel somtimes they're battery bred and we were all free range.
Recorded on:
Cassete Dorset,my Dorset-YETC 3012
CD Dorset,my Dorset-YETCD 3012