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Posted By: Thomas the Rhymer
02-Sep-01 - 01:43 AM
Thread Name: For all the Ancients
Subject: RE: For all the Ancients
Great Thread!

Football was played in the mud, and sometimes it was so muddy that most of the scrimmage lines were completely gone by halftime, and padding was scanty. Is there any sandlot baseball anymore? How many people carry their household water into the house? Wool clothing was the good stuff. Foodlines. Trench warfare. Death in child birth, celibacy as the main birth control. Doctors had to make house calls, and dentists were scary. If you didn't make a part for your car in your tool shed, you didn't drive it. Sparkplugs were 'High tech'. You cut trees into logs with hand saws, and you needed to sharpen them often. Housework was hard physical labor. Land was affordable, drought was deadly. Noone really knew what the moon was, and it was special. There was frontier. Alcoholism was the norm. Sexual abuse was kept quiet. Movies were accompanied by a live pianist, and recordings were scarce. Sheet music ruled the world. Air quality in and around towns was too often chokingly bad, and most of the heat went up the chimneys. Chimney sweeps were common, chimney fires claimed many a house. People died of simple infections, as antibiotics were few. Family feuds were often conducted with guns, and were often multigenerational. The "Kingdome" wasn't built yet. Opium derivatives were considered medicinal. Dirt roads were common, and many were graveled, and oiled regularly. What about pesticides? The Earth was something noone had ever actually seen as a little planet, and I don't think ANYONE ever imagined nuclear extinction, or the loss of species that might someday be important to science. Mood drugs, Violent anti global protesters, Styrofoam, horseless towns...

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that it wasn't always a peachy-keen situation, but, we COULD learn a lot about what "quality of life" means, by recalling the romance of it all... ttr