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Posted By: Mudlark
31-Aug-01 - 06:53 PM
Thread Name: For all the Ancients
Subject: RE: For all the Ancients
Crone memories...Movietone News, along with those 25 cent dbl features plus cartoons, my prized Capt. Midnight decoder ring, ads for "spring shoes" on the backs of comics, showing kids able to leap over backyard fences while wearing them, milk that came delivered to to the house in bottles,...the cardboard top of which would be lifted right up off the bottle when cold weather separated and froze the cream, that very necessary implement, the ice pick, needed to hack off pieces of block ice so as to fit it to the icebox, and for drinks, lemonade made with real lemons, saving stuff like lard, tin cans (flattened) and gum wrapper tinfoil for the war effort, passing rare and valuable bubble gum from mouth to mouth (I can't believe I DID that!), falling in love with Hopalong AND Topper, seen on an 8'in TV screen in a console as big as a fridge........a lot of water over the dam and under the bridge since then!