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Posted By: Ferrara
31-Aug-01 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: For all the Ancients
Subject: RE: For all the Ancients
My uncle's farm was the treasure house for me. It did have an outhouse (one-seater), a real smoke house for smoking hams and bacon, a corn crib and corn shelling machine (we turned a crank, cobs came out the end and hard corn I think came out of a spout in the side but it's vague....) In the early years they also used a mechanical cream separator (another crank), an iron pump to get water from the well, and oil lamps. By the time I was maybe five or six a lot of that stuff was history because electricity and running water had come to Davidsonville.

But I got to watch (and "help" with) all the stages of tobacco farming. I have never smoked, but I've never found anything pleasanter than being in a tobacco barn while the tobacco is drying. The fragrance was marvelous.

Also -- they had a family of Baltimore Orioles nesting in the weeping willow tree every year. Baltimore Orioles are scarce these days too.