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Posted By: Jim Krause
30-Aug-01 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: For all the Ancients
Subject: RE: For all the Ancients
Gee Gareth, when I was a kid, we used to score pop bottles from the nieghbor's garbage, and from ditches, take 'em home, clean 'em off and redeem them for about a nickel a piece. I don't know what the US$ conversion rate is, but you could buy a Butterfinger candy bar for a nickel in 1963 where I lived. At that rate, you could get a pretty good bellyache on all that candy for just a few pop bottles.

Let's see, at $0.05 per bottle, that would take about 22000 pop bottles to buy the Gateway computer I use at home. This would be about 2.9333 bottles of pop per week per person in my old hometown. That isn't an unlikely figure, if you don't consider the rate of breakage.

Well, this was a fun little exersize. Not sure of the point I made. None I guess.