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Posted By: Gareth
28-Aug-01 - 07:47 PM
Thread Name: For all the Ancients
Subject: RE: For all the Ancients
Now a session in basic economics.

Its called the Mars Bar index (US of A Hershey Bar)

Consider how long it took you to earn the price of a Mars Bar in say 1950 ( Yes I know sweet rationing was still in force in the UK)- Then translate the cost of a Pint of beer ( or whatever) into the equivalent in Mars Bars. Then compare it with any subsequent date. That gives you the equivalent relative cost as related to earnings.

What frightens me is that when I first started work in 1970 my employers Sedgwick Collins & Co ( Now Marsh Mac Uk) were one of the first Lloyds Brokers to Use a Computer. It was housed in a sepperate building and had a Working Memory of 16K repeat 16K

Th first home computer I bought was an Amstrad 464 with the bolt on disk drive, memory 32K and it fitted on to a desk. Using MS/DOS. (Its up there in the loft)

My present Number Cruncher is a COMPAQ Pressario - 4 Gigga Disc, upgreded to 96Mb Mem - and this is now obselecent. At two years Old !!

I am forced to consider upgrading same just to run some of the Software I need for my political activities. Ie min of 128Mb Ram and a 20 gigga Disc, cost say 500 mars bars, and I earn roughly 20 mars bars an hour.

Frightening isn't it ??

Catters - just remember when those middle class twits say how difficult it is to get good servants these days - It poeple like us that would have been the servants.