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Posted By: The Shambles
28-Aug-01 - 04:33 PM
Thread Name: Will you write an Email for Shambles?
Subject: RE: Will you write an Email for Shambles?
They have had the comments of more than one musician for over eight months. I now doubt if they have even read them, let alone collate or pass them on to the Government

We have our MPs to do this anyway.

We do not need this small West Country council to do anything other than address the problem they have created by ignoring musicians interests and by now ignoring a Government Minister's answer to the specific question of who decides if members of the public are performers.

They have tried to hide behind the law and passed the buck for all this time and now will decide when comments from musicians are "sufficient" enough for them to pass on?

Is this really the only constructive measure they can come up with, to deal with the effect their own policy is having on traditional events?

Alice they now understand the size of the problem. But only because many good folk like yourself have taken the time and trouble to point it out to them.

They cannot change the law and are not even offering to try, only to pass on the comments we have sent to them on to someone else, to deal with.

All they need to do is use the quite staggering powers of discretion they have demonstrated to me over this period, to try and enable folk events instead of stretching their interpretation of the law to prevent them.........

To add weight to any points we could do with examples of cutailments/ infringements rather than unsustantiated statements.

Who do they think they are and who do they think they are talking to?

The only curtailments/ infringments that will be going to central government are the ones that they alone are responsible for.....These will be substantiated I can assure them........Rant over...........