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Posted By: Roger in Sheffield
28-Aug-01 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: Will you write an Email for Shambles?
Subject: RE: Will you write an Email for Shambles?
Friday I sent this email message to Tom Grainger

The discussion in Hansard (11 dec 2000) seems to suggest that the licencing authority is able to interpret the act, At present I take it five amateur musicians playing quiet acoustic instruments (without an audience) would need a PEL while a famous crowd drawing entertainer playing a loud amplified instrument would not - for safety and noise considerations?

is the act not open to interpretation as you understand it?

I hope he won't mind me sharing the reply

...I just now got this back from Tom Grainger Cc Sue Allen,Melanie Earnshaw

Hansard is of course only a record of parliamentary discussions, not a statement of the law. What lord bassam said was "...depending on the circumstances" I outlined some of the more extremes of circumstances that could apply in my last email ie informal, unplanned sing song thru to professional regular acts. In so far as your examples are concerned, in principle 5 folk muscians quietly playing acoustic instruments are likely to require a PEL (or at least the premises in which the playing takes place is likely to need one) and the sole performer is unlikely to need one. We can only deal with the law as it stands, but one of the things the Council has said is that if sufficient musicians tell us that they think the law should be changed because it is curtainling pleasures and pastimes then tell us. We can't do anything directly, but we will pass informed comments to the appropriate Govt departments. To add weight to any points we could do with examples of cutailments/ infringements rather than unsustantiated statements.