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Posted By: Little Hawk
27-Aug-01 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: What song just drives you crazy?
Subject: RE: What song just drives you crazy?
But Deda!!! You have just listed the very reasons why it's such a stunningly great metaphor! After all,

a) Nobody I've ever heard of has left a cake out in the rain!

b) I can't easily imagine why they would.

c) It's unlikely (though not inconceivable) that the loss of said cake would cause such utter despair to the one who baked it.

d) And BEST OF ALL "I'll never have that recipe again!" has to stand out as the most spectacularly symbolic line in the whole song. Think about any love affair, and how it began. They're all unique. Thus one can definitely say of a love affair, if not of a cake, "I'll never have that recipe again." Believe me, I know about this, although I know diddly-squat about baking cakes.

Now while it may not be on the level of Homer or Virgil...well, not still stands up as a quirky and unique piece of songwriting for a 20th century pop song, and that's why it's remembered by so many people. Can I help it if the philistines are unable to appreciate its subtleties and layers of meaning?

By golly, I think we should get on the Jerry Springer Show or something and really get to grips over this McArthur Park issue!

Whack!!! The horse takes another boot in the head.

- LH (tongue firmly in cheek)