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Posted By: MAG
25-Aug-01 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Child of the System.....Ramblings
Subject: RE: BS: Child of the System.....Ramblings
This stuff has come up here on Mudcat before, and those of us in public service in one form or another see it all the time and feel like we are the proverbial straw against the wind. All we can hope is that enough of us each put our one little straw against the wind, that all of our drops in the bucket fill it up, that all of our single candles will swell to a blaze that finally gets through somehow that if child abuse were taken seriously and the money spent for all the Bobs and Karens and Spaws to do their jobs thoroughly, in 20 years you wouldsee such a difference.

I once uncovered a youth volunteer's not being fed at home by his druggie Mom because of the way he scarfed treats at book group. I know 20 women in this town raped by their fathers. A coworker's daughter has a foster girl dying of cystic fibrosis who was traded all her life by her druggie Mom.

Where do some kids get the resilience to survive? If it's one good moment with one person someplace, somewhere, that is enough reason to treat the hardest case kindly.

One of our best childre's authors, Gary Paulsen, says one such moment, in a library where he had gone to get out of the rain, turned him around.

Another, Chris Crutcher, a social worker and private councilor here in Washington State, writes compelling and blistering accounts of the snowballing traumas in kids' lives.

I get so furious when the police here openly talk about certain kids as throwaways.

enough; gotta get to work afterour lovely party at Mousethief's last night.