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Posted By: M.Ted
17-Aug-01 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: 2b or not 2b
Subject: RE: 2b or not 2b
An awful lot of young people lose their virginity though sexual abuse, and often before they reach their teens. The saddest thing is that the kids get blamed, and labelled immoral--

There is a whole machinery of denial that tells us all that today's kids are more sexually promiscuous than ever, when in reality, they are often simply being sexually exploited by adults and larger and stronger kids. It isn't a new development. In a lot of instances, the "sexually active" teens were introduced to sex through abuse at an early age, and are still being victimized, but in less obvious ways.

In more cases than you might suspect, the people who are at the other extreme--the "career virgins", are really people who avoid intimacy because of early and inappropriate sexual contact.

Having the choice, 2b or not 2b, whatever your age, is a good thing.