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Posted By: GeorgeH
17-Aug-01 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: 2b or not 2b
Subject: RE: 2b or not 2b
You may be able to fit those in your area who claim to still be virgins in a phone box . . But in this area in particular there's usually a huge gulf between what people claim and what they've actually done. (The plot line of American Beauty is pretty accurate in that respect.)

As has been pointed out, various studies have shown that the more sex education is given, and the "better" its quality (e.g. it's pretty pointless pretending teenage sexuality doesn't exist) the later the onset of sexual activity, which has advantages both from the health and the emotional perspectives. The UK has an absolutely apalling record in this area; I don't know at all about the US.

However, you ask "is it bad" - no, of course not; it could never be bad to "still" be a virgin. What matters is what's right for you, in your own considered opinion. When you have intercourse it should be because you have decide it's the right thing for you and your relationship.

(OK, If I'm going to be totally accurate I can think of a case where "still" being a virgin might be construed as "bad" - but that's absolutely exceptional.)