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Posted By: alison
01-Jan-99 - 11:27 PM
Thread Name: Old Folkers
Subject: RE: Old Folkers

I remember when I was a student nurse looking after an old lady who had a very bad stroke. Wiped out her ability to move and speak. The staff and relatives had written her off..... saying she was basically a vegetable.

We'll a friend and I were working with her one day and happened to be singing....... and she started to try to join in, so we started singing the "Show me the way to go home." She didn't get all the words but she sang enough of them. When her relatives came and saw, it changed their entire attitude, they started treating her like she was a human being again.

Don't give up your music... it can break through in a lot of situations. And if you can't sing with others.... go sing TO others.