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Posted By: Bill D
01-Jan-99 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Old Folkers
Subject: RE: Old Folkers
I have played and sung and listened to 'folkish' music for about 38 years now...ever since Pete Seeger sang at my college in the early 60's and I found EVERYONE singing along....including me! Since I never tried to be a serious performer, I made sure I would always have the music I wanted to hear. If I couldn't manage, I could but records of those who did, and I bought a LOT!...I still sing and play, though not as much as I used to, since other things are competing for time and energy...but the music is ALWAYS there; I could not imagine not having it around. I am fortunate to have lived since 1977 in Washington DC area, where I had lots of choices, but if I were condemned to some isolated spot for the rest of my life, I would have the music...and now, the Mudcat, to keep the juices flowing.

Since my 'craft' (woodturning) now demands a lot of my time, I was was interested a few years ago to see a definition of an 'artist' as "One who creates a supply, whether or not there is any demand"...and I think that sort of definition could well be used for 'musician' also...for some of us, there MUST be music, whether we make it or simply put the needle to the vinyl..(yes, I still play lots of those OLD ones!)

So, I urge anyone, even those not surrounded by it to look around..there are people making music everywhere, and you just might find, thru a church, school...etc...that there ARE a few doing the kind YOU like!....the effort is woth it!