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Posted By: Peg
28-Jul-01 - 12:22 AM
Thread Name: Suspect Physical Abuse--What to do?
Subject: RE: Suspect Physical Abuse--What to do?
I believe in a direct aproach, dammit.

Ask her, flat out, in the ladies' room or in front of others at lunch, "Hey, I've noticed you've had a lot of black eyes lately. What's going on?"

Yeah, you might embarrass her, yeah, she might turn from you and try to avoid you.

But you just might make her realize that her life is fucked up and she needs to change it before someone ends up badly injured or dead.

He hits you once, shame on him.

He hits you twice, shame on you.

And shame on ANYONE who thinks they should ignore it and let the woman take care of it herself. Christ, do any of you know the statistics on domestic abuse in your states? Anyone know the number of women MURDERED by their spouses each year? And you're talking about not stirring things up at the water cooler???

I grew up in a abusive household, and believe me I think it is wrong to blame the victim, but adults oughta know better than to let other adults smack 'em around. Still, it can be difficult for a woman to extract herself from such situations. That is why helpful agencies exist.

Unless of course it's their idea of sex play, in which case, the less said, the better...but I have the feeling it's much, much worse than that, based on what's been said.

She's getting beat up regularly. This is no time for wait and see, people.

Gimme the guy's number if all else fails...