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Posted By: Big Mick
30-Dec-98 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: Self righteous prats
Subject: RE: Self righteous prats
Another good thread that I have been lurking on.

When we do "Barrette's Privateers" we just say "So damn them all, I was told....". Not quite as hard, and still conveys what you want.

As far as the whole PC issue goes, another example of how certain folks can take an otherwise good idea and muck it up beyond repair. Somehow we have taken the good idea that in our everyday speech we should be aware enough to eliminate words that are patently offensive; and we have turned that into a "speech police" concept that has caused people to reject the whole notion. As a performing artist, I know what music is patently offensive, usually because it offends me. I simply won't perform it. That is not to say that my music won't offend someone. I simply apply my values, and read the audience as to what will or won't fly. But I will not change the character of the song. If it is not right in the venue I am performing in, I don't sing it.

As to those that would criticize me for performing my music in something other than what they perceive as the "right" way, well......they are entitled to that opinion. And I am entitled to ignore them, as I usually do.

All the best,