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Posted By: Don Meixner
30-Dec-98 - 12:11 AM
Thread Name: Self righteous prats
Subject: RE: Self righteous prats
Protect me from well meaning ninnies who feel that it is necessary to update a traditional tune and indulge in some self important nitpickery over the particular version of a song being sung. To rewrite a tune that may have the odd "offensive" line in it is to deny it's history. I'm sure (sarcasm implied) Percy French meant to be insulting when he wrote:

"I've loved the young women in every land, Its always been easy for me, Just barring the belles of the Eskimo land s and chocolate shapes of Fiji."

The Victorian Age was enlightened in as many ways as it was endarkened. I'm sure in the near future we will be considered a chauvinistic and bigoted age and our current songs will condemn us by their lyrics. Then as now F%$K EM if the can't take a joke.

(I will admit that the coward in me has me singing ".. The island shapes of Fiji..." when ever we do BallyJames Duff but that's only to save my skin and or the potential embarrassment of one or two people in the crowd. Not for reasons of political correctness. I still enjoy greatly singing "The Natural Girl For Me" and "Rhue".)