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Posted By: Gervase
20-Jul-01 - 04:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Archer jailed for perjury
Subject: RE: BS: Archer jailed for perjury
Don't waste too many tears on Mary. She was fully aware of his serial philandering before the '87 libel trial, and yet told the court that theirs was a rock-solid marriage.
And, during the trial, the probity of poor Monica Coghlan, the prostitute to whom he admitted giving 2000 to "disappear", hinged at one point on whether or not Archole had a spotty back. The fragrant Mary told the drooling judge, Mr Justice Caulfield, that his back was of marmoreal smoothness and that therefore the drab must have been lying.
Yet I have a friend who, for his sins, has played squash against Archer (a testy, irritable sportsman) and shared a locker room with him - and he could have testified that the odious little shit has a back like a nutmeg grater.
Mary was also supposed to be in charge of the disbursement of Archer's 500,000 libel winnings to various charitable causes. Funnily enough, very few of them received anything. Yet the summer-house in the grounds of the Old Rectory at Grantchester (where Mary lives - and where the poet Rupert Brooke once stayed and wrote "stands the clock at ten to three...") was lavishly restored as an office for her.
It is said by unwiser men than me (who would hate to be sued, so what follows if obviously pure fantasy) that an "arrangement" was reached between the two scheming, conniving spouses (spice?) - to whit, that in return for support in court, Mary would trouser the winnings and then be allowed to lead a separate life from Jeffrey - which she certainly has.
She is, undoubtedly, a very gifted chemist and one of the brightest academics of her generation at Cambridge. She is also, however, an odd fish. And I used to fancy her something rotten, long ago!

As for Archer writing another book - that would be interesting. He has actually "written" very little since his first novel, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, which was written to save his arse after he went bankrupt thanks to some dodgy dealing in a company called Aquablast.
Since then, much of his work has actually been ghosted by his long-suffering editor, with Jeffrey providing merely the thinnest of outlines - and those frequently plagiarised from other sources.
And when he bangs on about how successful he is, that is because he is an accomplished salesman and an unrelenting bully.
The staff at his publisher's loathe him with a passion, because he is constantly ringing up to badger them to plug his dreadful books, organise signings and roadshows and general force the pap down the throats of the public.
Sorry for the vitriol here, but I have had dealings with the man and have long had reason to despise and detest him. I can only shake my head at Mary Archer's apparent perfidy. As I said, a strange woman.