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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
19-Jul-01 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Archer jailed for perjury
Subject: RE: BS: Archer jailed for perjury
Well it's the kind of thing that doesn't matter - but if we were talking about the ceremonial customs of the Sea Dyaks we'd try to get it tight, so you might as well when it's the quirks of the English honours system.

Anyway the man isn't a Sir - if he was there's no problem in taking the knighthood away. It just needs the Queen, under instruction from the Prime Minister, to say off with his title, and he's no more a "Sir" than I am.

It happened to Anthony Blunt a few years ago when they found that before advising the Royal Family on their impressive art collection, he'd done a bit of spying for the Russians. Or rather, when the papers found out - the Royal Family and the Government had known about it for years, and they'd all decided to keep schtum, and he promised to stop the spying lark, and appears to have done so.

But Lords are another matter - it'd take a special act of parliament to do it, and the last time it happened was in 1917 when the peer in question was fighting in the German Army.

I couldn't work up a head of steam against Jeffrey Archer, not like against most of his mates. Of you think of the fella George Clooney played in Oh Brother Where Art Thou - well there's something of that about him. A conman on a roller coaster taking everyone for what he could get.

And I feel a certain gratitude to anyone who could show up everyone in the Tory party from Maggie Thatcher up look quite such pathetic dupes and sycophants.

Maybe he'll suddenly announce that he's really been a leftie all this time, and that's precisely why he did it all these years, to destroy the Tories. Yet another twist of the plot. And if he did there are some people who would believe him - and that's yet another twist...

It really is a shame he can't write better. Badly maybe, but a lot better.