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Posted By: Bagpuss
18-Jul-01 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: Back of Bus Songs
Other ones I've just remembered are:

"The back of the bus are in the huff (because they cannit sing like us)" - to the tune of Johnny I Hardly Knew ye, and "Oh you'll never get to heaven". I also have a vague memory of a yodelling song with lots of actions - anyone refresh my memory with that one?

For Mr Red:

My Father's a Lavatory Cleaner

1. My Father's a lavatory cleaner
He works from morn till night
And when he gets home in the evening
His boots are covered in...

Sweet smelling lavender
You thought I was going to say...
Shine your buttons (buttocks?) with brasso
Its only a penny a tin
You can go down and get some at Woolies
Depends if they've got any in.

2. Some say he died of a fever
Some say he died of a fit
But I know what he died of
He died of the smell of the......


3. Some say he's buried in gravel
Some say he's buried in grit
But I know what he's buried in
6 foot deep in the....