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Posted By: GUEST,McGrath of Harlow
17-Jul-01 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: Ashley MacIsaac to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
Subject: RE: Ashley to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
A lot of recovering alcoholics will tell you their first drink was a sip off of daddy's beer.

No doubt true. So will a lot of other people who aren't alcoholics I am sure; and you could probably find a fair bunch of alcoholics with teetotal parents who'd say that was one of the factors which set them off drinking, as a way of freaking out the parents.

There are just so many variables here. The thing is, some people seem to be built to become addicts. Probably most of us are, but we've been lucky enough never to run across the stuff we're addicted to - or it turns out to be something reasonably benign like the Mudcat.