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Posted By: Mooh
17-Jul-01 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: Ashley MacIsaac to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
Subject: RE: Ashley to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
Hmmm...AM is one of those artists who has a persona which overshadows his (admittedly considerable) ability to the point that I'm not interested in hearing him play. Biased? Yup. But sometimes personality dictates what I'll tolerate. I don't know many pot smokers who don't also smoke tobacco, so I don't know why it should be condoned. I'll bet that early alcohol use is tied statistically to smoking also, though I don't know that there's data so support my suspicion.

At any rate, why the question at all? Why does it always sound like kids have to choose between evils when they don't have to choose evil at all?

Peace. Mooh.