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Posted By: Barbara
24-Dec-98 - 08:00 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: When We Go Rolling Home (Tams)
Subject: Lyr Add: WHEN WE GO ROLLING HOME (John Tams)^^
(John Tams)

Round goes the wheel of fortune,
Don't be afraid to ride.
There's a land of milk and honey
Waits on the other side;
There'll be peace and there'll be plenty
You'll never need to roam --
When we go rolling home;
When we go rolling home.

Rolling home, (when we go)
Rolling home, (when we go)
Rolling , rolling,
When we go rolling home.

The gentry in its fine array
Do prosper night and morn
While we unto the fields must go
To plow and sow the corn,
The rich may steal the power
But the glory is our own
When we go rolling home, (2X)


The summer of resentment
The winter of despair
The journey to contentment
Is set with trap and snare;
Stand true and stand together
Your labor is your own,
When we go rolling home (2X)

The frost is on the hedgerow
The icy winds do blow
While we poor weary laborers
Strive through the sleet and snow;
Our hopes fly up to glory
Up where the larks do go
When we go rolling home(2X)


So pass the bottle round
And let the toasts go free
It's a health to every laborer
Wherever he may be
Fair wages now and ever
Let's reap what we have sown
When we go rolling home (2X)


Repeat first verse and Chorus

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