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Posted By: JudeL
15-Jul-01 - 10:41 AM
Thread Name: Back of Bus Songs
Subject: back of bus songs
There seems to be a whole load of songs that don't tend to get sung except on the bus on trips away, and they're mostly the sort of songs that different people might come up with another extra verse that they remembered from another group. I'd all but forgotten about them, not having sung any since I was a kid & then I heard some of them again (very late in an after hours mammoth song session).

one of the ones I know bits of is:

Oh I have an aunty Anna
and she plays the grand pianna
she can also play the fiddle
up the sides and down the middle

Did you ever see? Did you ever see?
Did you ever see such a funny thing before?

Oh I had a brother Mike ,
and he road a motor bike
he could take you round the Gower
in a quarter of an hour

etc until the verses run out

another one like that is "the quartermasters store" - which I suppose must be an old forces song

Does anyone else know/remember them & can contribute extra verses?