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Posted By: Nerd
08-Jul-01 - 12:42 AM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Oops. Sorry, Tyke, if I misrepresented your ideas!

I read the paragraph that states:

"Just re releasing albums will only cause the further deterioration of the magnetic masters if they are still in existence (they may have already been recycled). Could the old equipment that it has been reported here that Dave Bullmer has in his possession be what is needed. Seems to me that for all his alleged faults Dave may have made a major contribution to the preservation of "Folk" music. It follows that if Dave Bullmer has or had been producing copies of these Albums you could now be accusing his company of destroying a unique heritage."

I took that to be a defense of Bulmer on the grounds that he was attempting to preserve the music by not playing the tapes. Maybe I was wrong!

My points were first, that you've got to play the tapes at some point or, as you say, the tapes will deteriorate and become unplayable. So in fact by NOT producing any copies of the tapes he has, Bulmer is destroying a unique heritage. Playing them once to get a digital dub off them is therefore far preferable to letting them sit. If he digitally mastered them, or as you suggest, put them on chromatic Black and white film sound track, he might get points as a preservationist. Any evidence whether he's done that?

My second point was, once you have taken the preservationist step of making a digital or film copy, re releasing albums off the digital masters won't hurt the analog master tape any more. So re-releasing albums from fresh digital masters CAN be part of a preservation project, and indeed help to fund that project, as it does at the Smithsonian.

As for my comments on business and friendship, you're right of course. Having clearly defined contracts saves friendships by getting everyone's intentions and expectations in the open. I also took that to be a defense of DB on the grounds that he's free to do what he wants since there are no contracts. Obviously, I was wrong there!

By the way (and this refers to GUEST, not tyke), those who choose to label criticism of Dave Bulmer a Jihad run the risk of offending people who have been real victims of a real Jihad, some of whom I know. It's like bandying about terms like "folk Nazi": it's convenient shorthand, but it's also in rather poor taste.

And, hey, I don't mean that in a vindictive way!