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Posted By: GUEST,Max in Louth
06-Jul-01 - 04:05 AM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
I recognise some of the phrases used in the item timed at 9.14 on 5h July. Be very cautious - you probably realsie who is the author!

Unlike most UK record companies, Bulmer has VERY low overhead and production costs. He could very easily, and far cheapere than more most, produce Compact Discs, AND vinyl. He has CD replication machinery in Harrogate, he has cassette equipment there also, and has a large vinyl record factory in London. He also has label and other printing machines - not forgetting that he has several record mastering (disc cutting) lathes. In short whereas for most it costs pounds, for Bulmer it costs relative pence. Add the virtually free costs of his legal services (from a Mr N Sharpley - also based in Louth although here with a very tarnished image)Bulmer IS a fat cat who'se got the cream at the expense of a music genre he claims to love.

Musicians are generally trusting souls who latch on to people like Bulmer who have the gift of the gab - who say all the right things at the right time. Don't blame them for confusing friendship for business. Time after time musicians have been duped and who bvetter to dupe a musician than another musician particularly when he offer such goodies that Bulmer. It's simple villainy and theft make no mistake and the sooner interested contributors to this thread realise those facts, the sooner people like Bulmer and his "lawyer" are turned out to where they belong.