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Posted By: GeorgeH
05-Jul-01 - 11:24 AM
Thread Name: Writing Someone Alive to Say Thanks!
Subject: RE: Writing Someone Alive to Say Thanks!
Here's a true, recent and humbling story which, I think, belongs here. We were told it just after a funeral, but we'll come to that . .

Our best friend in these parts, was abandoned by her husbsband some 18 years ago - he went off with her best friend, leaving our friend with a two daughters, the youngest of whom was just a toddler.

Our friend - an outstanding music teacher, whom I've mentioned on other occasions - was at this stage running a music club at the primary school her elder daughter was attending. A little further up the school was another girl, the younger of two sisters, who was already an extremely promising musician.

Shortly after this, our friend was helping out at the local Holiday Orchestra, and commented to someone there on what delightful children this girl and her sister were. "Indeed", came the reply, "and their mother is bringing them up on her own".

Jump forward 15 years, to a few months ago. The mother of these two delightful girls (for they fulfilled the promise they showed as youngsters) died, peacefully and unexpectedly, in her sleep; she was in her mid 50s.

We saw our friend two days after the funeral. She said "You know, that day changed my life. I was feeling desparate; then suddenly I realised 'if she can do it, so can I'. I just wish I'd told her what an inspiration she'd been to me!"

However, it appears that our friend had taken an opportunity, at the funeral, to tell the daughters what an inspiration their mother had been - which is probably a more valuable thing to have been able to do.